Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Holiday Weekend

This weekend was a "long" weekend for Pete, but it went by fast!
We've been above freezing for a few days now and the snow is melting fast. The snow fort now has a skylight - not by design.

Since we aren't sure how much longer the snow is going to stick around - we OF COURSE went sledding. This was by far our longest sledding excursion. The weather was fantastic (for winter) and Cloudy didn't mind sleeping in his sled while the rest of us took turns up the hill.

Afterwards we had what Ben calls 'hot coffee'

We were so busy ALL weekend that Monday we decided to take at least 1/2 a day to goof off. We took the boys to the ZOO! Oh how I love our zoo. When we got there -it started snowing. Unfortunately - the Desert Dome was closed and that is Ben's FAV. And Unfortunately Clouds winter cap was whisked out of the vehicle with the sledding gear.. so he had to wear his red elf hat. (sorry Clouds - but I still think its ca-yoot)

This is picture of a really cool green and yellow butterfly in the Butterfly Pavillion (my FAV)

My apologies for the low quality photos - These were all taken on my iPhone
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Laura said...

who cares about picture quality? YAY for a blog update!

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