Sunday, January 31, 2010

a week with firsts

Cloudy had 2 firsts this week. Friday after running - I took both the boys to the pool at the YMCA. Clouds was very content to be in the pool. And this evening he ROLLED OVER! We think he might have been discreetly practicing while we weren't looking.

Ben, on the other hand, had a complete melt down Thursday night. Ms Trista came over to practice her piano duet for school and Ben was being a pest. Pete repeatedly had to scold the child, and when we asked him to apologize he REFUSED! He was sent to his room without supper. He finally decided he would apologize by a written letter. Oh the drama!

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Friday, January 29, 2010



We asked Ben what he wanted for supper - his choice. He wanted
macaroni with carrots celery and broccoli. WHAT kid asks for carrots
celery and broccoli ??

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

photo update

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Monday, January 25, 2010

In Spanish

Today we were playing and I asked Ben which dinosaur I had and he said
"pteranodon". Pete wanted to know why it wasn't a pterodactyl and
bens answer : pteranodon is how you say pterodactyl is spanish

So a few things we learned:
1) i was wrong - a Pteranodon was a reptile, not a dinosaur.
2) pteranodon is a pterodactyloid pterosaur. Pterosaurs are often
referred to as pterodactyls, meaning winged lizard.
3) Ben thinks he knows Spanish.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Words I know

Last night while watching a movie there was a scene that showed a lady
typing. Across the screen showed the words on her paper and I didn't
think much of it until Ben excitedly announced "I found the words I
He is learning sight words fast and our daily reading has changed from
us reading, to him reading most of the words.

Cloudy is so close to rolling his butt over. He just needs a little
assist to get his thighs moving in the right direction.
Any day now!

The other night Ben says:
I Love cloudy
I Love daddy a little
And i Like you mom

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

backlog blog

I know I haven't been the greatest at actually posting blogs. But I swear in my spare time I've been writing them on my phone - just not sending them in.
I'm going to try to catch up with some of the good ones this week..


On the 4th - I had one that was mainly complaining about the cold (virus and temperature) we all had.. It was great (both virus and temperature). The cycle was finally broke and everyone here is better now - and so are the temperatures. *softly cheering*

Ben went with me to Sam's 4mo Well Check visit. When the doc walked in Ben says "Oooooh Cloudy (very drawn out), You're not going to like this!" I'm not sure what tickled the dr more, Ben saying what he said or what he called Sam. So then I had to explain the name Cloudy. He thought it was a great name, and so do we.
They were happy to see a very "healthy" Cloudy - even though I think 17lbs and 10oz is a little much - they think his weight might be why he's not rolling over. I tried to convince them that the weight probably wasn't a factor as much as he never wants to be on the floor.. N-E-V-E-R even if you're laying down on the floor playing with him.. 3 min max is all you get. He loves to be held - all the time. I am thankful for the inventor of the Bjorn!
While there Ben received his booster for his h1n1 - so now he is fully inoculated

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Holiday Weekend

This weekend was a "long" weekend for Pete, but it went by fast!
We've been above freezing for a few days now and the snow is melting fast. The snow fort now has a skylight - not by design.

Since we aren't sure how much longer the snow is going to stick around - we OF COURSE went sledding. This was by far our longest sledding excursion. The weather was fantastic (for winter) and Cloudy didn't mind sleeping in his sled while the rest of us took turns up the hill.

Afterwards we had what Ben calls 'hot coffee'

We were so busy ALL weekend that Monday we decided to take at least 1/2 a day to goof off. We took the boys to the ZOO! Oh how I love our zoo. When we got there -it started snowing. Unfortunately - the Desert Dome was closed and that is Ben's FAV. And Unfortunately Clouds winter cap was whisked out of the vehicle with the sledding gear.. so he had to wear his red elf hat. (sorry Clouds - but I still think its ca-yoot)

This is picture of a really cool green and yellow butterfly in the Butterfly Pavillion (my FAV)

My apologies for the low quality photos - These were all taken on my iPhone
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Friday, January 8, 2010

Just too cold

It's incredibly cold outside! We're stuck inside playing games and puzzles (and taking pictures).

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010

happy new year blog readers! We hope you all rang in the new year with style and grace.
We welcome 2010 with dreams of a wonderful year - short winter, long summer, new house and lots of waterskiing... (I do at least)
Pete would like a happier wife - so all the things above apply for him as well.. (haha pete)
Ben will start school in August so I'm sure he wishes for a long summer too, he just doesn't know it yet.
Clouds is starting the "firsts.." already. He's teething so the first tooth will be here soon, and he is quickly learning to sit up.

We're excited to have TWO nephews turn 16 this year.. our oldest neice GRADUATES high school.. and nephew No-Name on the way..

more pictures here..
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