Friday, December 25, 2009

MERRY Christmas

Yesterday we had a major snow storm move through, Pete was disappointed because churches started announcing cancellations. Fortunately the Lutheran church (less than 1 mile up the road) was having all their services. When we left the snow wasn't too terrible, but some time overnight it got ugly outside. We had drifts 3 ft in our yard, worse in the  drive and side-walks we had to shovel.

Here's Pete digging us out:

Yesterday afternoon - Pete was on a conference call for work and just when he had to un-mute - I started yelling at Ben. I mean YELLING at th e child. "NO NO NO NO NO" and stomping might've been included.
reason: a few moments earlier he walked up to me and said "When I was younger I saw a light saber and spiderman scooter..." That's all that needed to come out of his mouth b/f I turned, jaw dropped, and started screaming.
reason: a few minutes earlier I had gone in to Cloudy's room to store a few gifts... and over on the side of the bed might've been an area where (for some dumb reason) Pete and I thought would be a 'secure' area to hide gifts from the kid.  I walked out and left the door open..

Ben had gone in the room and obviously found the loot.
Fortunately the light saber wasn't the one he was getting anyway (his was already wrapped and under the tree from Uncle Tank and Aunt Tammy - Thanks guys he loves it!). And the scooter he didn't receive b/c it had a 40lb weight limit and our little monster is there already. Not sure what else he saw.. but we made sure not to label any of the ones he might have seen as from Santa - who was SUPER Cool to Ben this year.

Cloudy slept through opening the socks and presents, and when he did wake up, I guess he was upset he missed it...

Thanks to everyone for the great cards and gifts.  We had a Merry Christmas, hope you did too!


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