Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Trip

We made it home from our Christmas trip to Texas.
It was great to see everyone, but it feels wonderful to be home! Even if it is 8 degrees outside.

Thanks to everyone for putting up with us; It was great to see all of you.

A few stories from the trip:
- After breakfast at the hotel we were going to check out the pool when Ben decided he needed to use the 'facilities'. Pete took him to the nearest and Ben started making 'big ones'... Pete gasped out of surprise (thinking if he would have known he would've taken the boy back to the room). Ben sees him gasp and says "You don't have to!"
Pete: " I don't have to what?"
Ben: "Panic. I'm almost done."

- At the Fish Fry on Saturday, Ben was telling everyone that we've been gone so long he forgot what his room looked like. And sure enough on Sunday when we got home the first thing he wanted to do was go check out his room.

- At a rest stop on the way home, Ben was again using the facilities, and dawdling as usual. Pete told him, "Hurry up and take care of your business so we can get out of here and go home."
Ben: "No daddy! I don't have 'business'. Only you and mommy have 'business'!"

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