Monday, December 21, 2009

Another week down

First "sounds like" words:
A few years ago (4 actually), we were feeding baby Ben some green beans and while he was fussing random sounds he clearly said "I don't want any". We joke that those were Ben's first words.
Today when we were planning on walking out the door Clouds clearly fussed the words "I'm hungry". Which is funny bc if you've seen/held this kid you would know there's no way he's going hungry.


Since thanksgiving we've been excited about our traditional trek to the tree farm for our Christmas tree. This year we decided to wait until we returned from Texas before heading out there. Saturday we finally had time in daylight and before walking out the door Pete double checked the place online only to find out they closed on the 13th (just like every other tree farm in town). Not wanting to buy a tree from walmart or home depot we ventured out and found the boy scout tent that had six trees left. Sad sad trees. When we noticed Justin was selling the trees (our local favorite boyscout) we decided why not. And the great salesman that justin is, he sold us a tree in seconds. But gave it to us for about 40% off. The boyscout REALLY like their trees!

We came home and Ben helped me put up the lights and he decorated the tree with ornaments. Then we started assembling our gingerbread houses. Ben decorated a wonderful house with assistance from pete while I kept occupied creating a popup camper (with help from pete).

Sunday afternoon we finished up our houses and went sledding! I wore a Santa hat and Ben thought I needed to take it off so everyone would know that I wasn't Mrs Clause. On the way back to the house I did get honked at and everyone in the car was waving... maybe that says something about my butt size..

Below is a link to a few pictures of last week.


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