Monday, November 30, 2009

Things to blog about

Cloudys feet get clammy, and when we were changing his clothes pete decided to put a little baby powder on his feet. Afterwards he looks at the label and it reads "Pure cornstarch" to which he remarks: of course - it makes toe jam gravy!

Trista came over to practice piano and Ben was telling her all about Santa. She was shocked Ben already saw him and asked Ben where. Ben said "the Santa place - you know where that is". Like it was the coffee shop on the corner. It was pretty funny to hear it come out of his mouth.

Today while Pete and I were busy with Christmas decorations, Pawpaw helped Ben write a list to Santa. His very first list to write.

The past few nights Ben has woke up in the wee hrs and came to our room. He claims he's scared from the creepy noises he hears in his room. The creepy noise : his pawpaw snoring in the next room over.

Unrelated Pictures Below:

Pete on one of Ben's many bikes

Cloudy in one of the many strollers (we have 3 - ugh)
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