Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

We started the day by running a 5k "Turkey Trot". This particular one is a benefit for the foodbank, so we felt good about both burning some calories and donating a couple dozen cans of food as our entry fee..

After that we prepared for the turkey slaughter. Well, actually we bought it
pre-slaughtered, we only had to cook it. We deep-fried it as usual, and it turned out pretty decent.. We also had the usual homemade rolls, sausage dressing, and creamed onions. We skipped the green-bean-casserole-mush, and just had green beans. All was YUMMMY.

We then went for a couple mile walk out to one of the playgrounds to burn off some steam, and chased Ben around the playground several times; "Last one to the slide's a rotten egg!!!" We left the park just in time to walk home before dark, take a pee break, and load up to go to the Omaha holiday lights festival. We had hot chocolate and saw them turn on all the Christmas lights.... then came home to eat caramel-apple-cheesecake and turkey sandwiches..

Now we're trying to catch up on the football games recorded earlier.. and maybe we'll eat desert again...

Hope your Thanksgiving was as enjoyable as ours! Happy Thanksgiving!

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