Friday, November 27, 2009

Hiking and Holiday lights

We had fantastic weather today! We took a little trip to Schramm Park and hiked a few miles. While out there we picked up a few geocaches and had a picnic lunch.
Ben found one of his 'unloved' stuff animals and took it on the hike with us. He jammed the bear down his jacket - simulating the Bjorn carrier that Cloudy rides in. He kept telling us what his 'baby bear' was doing - and it seemed eery that that bear did all the things that Cloudy had just done.
This evening was the Papillion Holiday Festivities. We rode the carriage - (this year we got Turbo, last yr we had Elvis; Elvis was there - we were just one spot too early in line to ride Elvis' carriage), we saw Santa, we sat in for Story Time at the Library, enjoyed the bon fire, hot chocolate and popcorn.
Oh what a day!
Wonder what's in store for tomorrow? Ben's already talking about what park he wants to go to.

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