Sunday, November 1, 2009

Gorgeous Sunday

It was ridiculously nice today. 70s!!
We went out to one of the state parks and hiked the trails. We had a picnic lunch by the pond and more hiking. Drove to another park for (you guessed it) MORE hiking. Ben was such a trooper too - he only started complaining around mile 5 or 6 - not too bad for a 4yr old.

Now we're off to the local park to play at the playground.. Not too many days like this left before winter - we have to take full advantage.


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Laura said...

so nice! we had a great day too -- went for a drive around the horse parks before lunch, now I'll be up all night preparing for my sessions tomorrow....
you guys should do NaBloPoMo -- post every day for a month in November (national blogging month?)
I'm going to try it -- which will be a miracle seeing that I blog about once PER month these days...
love you guys!!

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