Sunday, November 8, 2009

Camping in NOVEMBER??!!

I know - It sounds CRAZY! But we went camping in NEBRASKA in NOVEMBER. Crazy stuff let me tell ya. Pete says I have to call it 'RVing' and not camping since we watched tv (we watched the NE vs OU game).
The weather was wonderful - the company was ok.. and the camping was a blast.
It started out like it was going to be a painful trip. We arrived at the camper to find a flat tire (and the spare had no air). So after some rock kicking and wrench throwing - Pete fixed everything and then had the tire repaired. The place (Square Tire) did it for free too.

Ben mastered the art of tree climbing and fishing pole casting (well maybe not "mastered" but well enough for a 4yr old). Sam enjoyed camping for the most part, but wasn't too fond of daylight savings time being over, and not being able to see what was going on around the campfire...

What a great way to enjoy the 70-plus degree November weather!

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