Monday, September 28, 2009

Week 3

Week 3 with the Cloudster and things are starting to become easier each day, like maybe we've done this before.

Ben is doing awesome in school. He teaches us new songs all the time. Some of them he makes up and others he learns at school and are pretty cute, like the " days of the week" to the Addams Family theme song (maybe a video should follow).

This weekend was pretty fantastic. We didn't do much but watch college football and jogger-stroller-shop on Saturday.  Sunday we braved the winds and 70 degree temps to introduce Sam to the boat and lake. He didn't touch the water and neither did Ben, but the 2 big kids had a great time skiing!

Hagen, a 6 yr old from up the street, came down this weekend and played football with Ben. He was showing Ben how to tackle and catch and they had so much fun. Ben didn't understand that once he tackled Hagen he could let go and let Hagen up.  But Hagen didn't mind too much, he lives in a house surrounded by girls girls and more girls...  They both seem stoked to have another boy to play with.

We bought Ben new pajamas. He HAD to have these. Pete thinks he wanted them so he could have some just like Sam. (These are his first pair of "Christmas story" pajamas - b/c i think they just look silly)
If you look at Ben's face the white is icing from a cupcake he just ate..Oh that boy!

We're getting smiles - and it's not just gas.

Last Friday - I was thrilled that both were sleeping - So I tried to lay down with them. TRY being the key word. I think Sam has a radar for when I'm absolutely exhausted and lay down.
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Tammy said...

the PJ's are hilarious!!! I bet you're right - he just wants to be like Sam - but they'll keep him warm at least and the print is cute - and it's Ben - so it HAS to be cute no matter what! the sleeping picture - so sweet.

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