Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Do the Dew?

For the past few weeks, we've been leaving Ben at school over nap time to get him used to the idea of staying longer once Cloudy showed up.  He loves that he gets to stay at school with his friends longer, but can't seem to get the knack of actually sleeping at school.  Last week, his class moved their nap area to the basement which is pitch black.  Apparently this helped some.  His teacher told me that a few days ago, Ben called out to her after they had all laid down....  "Miss Tammy, Miss Tammy!"  (In his yelling-whisper voice)  "Yes Ben?", she replied.  "Ms Tammy, it's too dark.  I can't see anything!", he complained.   "Ben, it's supposed to be dark.  You don't need to see, just close your eyes and go to sleep..."

While taking Ben to school this morning, I was trying to reinforce the idea that he needs to take his nap at school.
 me:    "Ben, at nap-time today, you really need to close your eyes and go to sleep." 
Ben:  "OK, Dad...  I'll try", he replied.
me:    "There is no TRY, only  DO."
Ben:  "Dew's your drink, silly..."


Tammy said...

he's a smart one! too cute :)

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