Wednesday, September 30, 2009

maybe they're not SO much a like..

A lot of people are saying Sam looks JUST LIKE Ben...
you decide... they look very different to us.
Sam 3wks
Ben 3wks
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just for fun...

So I found a knitted block in my yarn stash and made it into a friggin cute (hilarious) hat for Sam... and decided I would take a few photos since he seemed to be in a relatively good mood..

And 5 min later.. we were done... Poor baby -- not sure if it was the hat or the camera..
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Monday, September 28, 2009

Week 3

Week 3 with the Cloudster and things are starting to become easier each day, like maybe we've done this before.

Ben is doing awesome in school. He teaches us new songs all the time. Some of them he makes up and others he learns at school and are pretty cute, like the " days of the week" to the Addams Family theme song (maybe a video should follow).

This weekend was pretty fantastic. We didn't do much but watch college football and jogger-stroller-shop on Saturday.  Sunday we braved the winds and 70 degree temps to introduce Sam to the boat and lake. He didn't touch the water and neither did Ben, but the 2 big kids had a great time skiing!

Hagen, a 6 yr old from up the street, came down this weekend and played football with Ben. He was showing Ben how to tackle and catch and they had so much fun. Ben didn't understand that once he tackled Hagen he could let go and let Hagen up.  But Hagen didn't mind too much, he lives in a house surrounded by girls girls and more girls...  They both seem stoked to have another boy to play with.

We bought Ben new pajamas. He HAD to have these. Pete thinks he wanted them so he could have some just like Sam. (These are his first pair of "Christmas story" pajamas - b/c i think they just look silly)
If you look at Ben's face the white is icing from a cupcake he just ate..Oh that boy!

We're getting smiles - and it's not just gas.

Last Friday - I was thrilled that both were sleeping - So I tried to lay down with them. TRY being the key word. I think Sam has a radar for when I'm absolutely exhausted and lay down.
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Friday, September 18, 2009


Can you believe it! Sam is 2 weeks today! Already he's growing and it makes me a little sad.
Earlier this week his belly button fell off so Pete gave him his first bath! Ben loved helping (Until Cloudy started really screaming).

This week Pete and I walked to Ben's school every afternoon. On Wednesday Ben wanted to walk in the morning and his teacher was going on and on about how good he was and what a joy he was in her class. That very afternoon she had to tell us bad news. While dishing out lunch she busted out a silly song and Ben plugged his ears and screamed! Since it was a first offense he didn't get in trouble, which i'm not sure is a good thing.. Hopefully it won't happen again.

On Tuesday when Pete was waking Ben to dress for school, he kept dozing off. Ben was telling him "Dad you have to keep your eyes open" He just doesn't understand how exhausted we've been. Thankfully Sam is sleeping better at night so we haven't been so tired, and it helps that our new bedtime is 9ish instead of midnight.

Here are a few pics - mostly from this am.

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Week one with Sam

We don't really have a lot to say... it's been great having him, tiring staying up with Cloudy at night and trying to keep up with Ben during the day.
Here are a few of the pictures we took.
Click on the album link below to guide you to the rest of the pictures.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Do the Dew?

For the past few weeks, we've been leaving Ben at school over nap time to get him used to the idea of staying longer once Cloudy showed up.  He loves that he gets to stay at school with his friends longer, but can't seem to get the knack of actually sleeping at school.  Last week, his class moved their nap area to the basement which is pitch black.  Apparently this helped some.  His teacher told me that a few days ago, Ben called out to her after they had all laid down....  "Miss Tammy, Miss Tammy!"  (In his yelling-whisper voice)  "Yes Ben?", she replied.  "Ms Tammy, it's too dark.  I can't see anything!", he complained.   "Ben, it's supposed to be dark.  You don't need to see, just close your eyes and go to sleep..."

While taking Ben to school this morning, I was trying to reinforce the idea that he needs to take his nap at school.
 me:    "Ben, at nap-time today, you really need to close your eyes and go to sleep." 
Ben:  "OK, Dad...  I'll try", he replied.
me:    "There is no TRY, only  DO."
Ben:  "Dew's your drink, silly..."

Monday, September 7, 2009

Therapy reason #???

I asked Ben if he was gonna tell his friends at school about Cloudy
(Sam) tomorrow. He said "yes, I wanna tell them I have a little
brother who looks like an alien. "
Also, Ben got new undies the other day. He kept pulling his pants down
to show us his cool new drawers. Pete asked "you're not showing your
friends those are you?" he answered "no, just my teachers!"

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Home Again

Here's Mom and Sam a few minutes after he was born...

Dad and Sam on the evening of the 4th. They let us all stay with Sam and Mom at the hospital Friday night. Ben crashed on the floor, and there was a pull-out bed for Dad. We we're glad to be able to all stay together, but even more happy that they were OK with letting Sam head home on Saturday.

Ben was very proud to tell everyone he was a Big Brother now. He is excited, and wants to play with Sam, but doesn't understand he has to be gentle. (We think he might want to wrestle Sam like he does with Bailey)

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Samuel Phillip Carter

Samuel Phillip Carter
September 4, 2009 2:14 PM
8 lbs 7 oz