Friday, August 21, 2009

Ben and the mail

Today I ordered Ben new shoes online. This way we stay out of the stores and avoid the chanting for shoes that blink. Pete and I agreed on two pair last night, and with Ben's approval today I placed the order. This evening we enjoyed the concert at the Towne Center and on the way home Ben said he wanted to check mail to see if his new shoes arrived already.

Earlier today we were sitting out front waiting for Pete to drive up, and I was telling Ben about the Snap Dragons in the flower bed. I told him to grab one and I would show him how they snapped. He started for it, then backed away and asked "Are they going to bite me?"
The giggles started, and he was too leery to grab one. I finally convinced him THEY wouldn't snap his finger so he grabbed one for me... and then i couldn't get the darn thing to snap at all.


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