Sunday, July 12, 2009

Super- ... weekend

Ben was playing with his SuperBen cape this morning - and out of the blue turns it around and says "Mom look, I'm ApronBoy!"
[ "Mom" is actually pronounced Maaaaaaahm... Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahm! Maaaaaaaaahhhhm! (in 3s) ]
Not sure that was the proud moment of the day.. but it still made me laugh.
Later I found him terrrorizing his dog - with the cape. He was so proud Bailey was now a Super Dog, she on the other hand had a few choice barks and growls just for him. Dogs in their old age.. sheeesh!

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Barbee/Baumbach said...

Cute!!!! and Bailey doesn't look any worse for the wear. Wonder Dog, Wonder what he is going to do to me next!

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