Monday, June 22, 2009

A long weekend

This past weekend started on Thursday for me and Ben. We went out camping and it rained on us everyday! Friday night Pete brought us back into town so we could attend the annual Papillion Days carnival and watch the firecrackers! The ferris wheel was a big hit with Benjamin. On Sunday when we got home from camping, we went back out and Ben rode a few more rides (we had to use up the rest of our tickets!) HE LOVED the motorcycles! He had been talking about the FUN SLIDE since he saw it on Friday night, but when it came time to give the Carni the tickets, Ben backed out. Decided he'd rather ride something else.

Today he helped me assemble "Cloudy's" bed. He's a huge help when he stays focused. I guess he gets his attention span from me and my dad. He decided when we were finished that we should move his bed into Cloudy's room, because he thinks he would like to sleep next to Cloudy. I'm trying to convince him that maybe he should wait and meet Cloudy first, and see how much he cries.

more pictures from the weekend
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Tammy said...

Ben is cute :) - we can't wait to meet "Cloudy" :)

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