Saturday, June 6, 2009

Back home from Texas

Last Sunday we flew into Midland and visited Ben's Uncle Jon. 6 yrs in Midland and this was our FIRST visit -- (and last to fly in to MAF-- turbulence is crap over Midland!).
We had a great time - Nanamom and Pa came out to visit - and so did Matt and Jenn. It was great to see everyone. Jon fixed some wonderful food... and we took Ben on his first Putt-Putt experience. He's a natural golfer..
We had some decent Mexican food too... Although I'm a little disappointed - my idea of Tex-Mex must be really twisted after 10+yrs.. b/c nothing lived up to the idea.

On Wed. we drove down south to visit with my grandma and had a crazy evening and Thursday to boot. BUSY BUSY BUSY! But it was nice to see everyone - even Popo - who really needs some Ritalin. Ben enjoyed playing with C-A-T (the dog). We'll have to go back when Memaw has a time to breathe.
On Friday it was 6hrs driving back to Midland in the morning - and 4 hrs flying home in the evening... Which made for a really long day.. but we are glad to be home.. even if it has rained every day we've been back.

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Tammy said...

love the pics..looks like a fun trip :)

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