Monday, June 22, 2009

A long weekend

This past weekend started on Thursday for me and Ben. We went out camping and it rained on us everyday! Friday night Pete brought us back into town so we could attend the annual Papillion Days carnival and watch the firecrackers! The ferris wheel was a big hit with Benjamin. On Sunday when we got home from camping, we went back out and Ben rode a few more rides (we had to use up the rest of our tickets!) HE LOVED the motorcycles! He had been talking about the FUN SLIDE since he saw it on Friday night, but when it came time to give the Carni the tickets, Ben backed out. Decided he'd rather ride something else.

Today he helped me assemble "Cloudy's" bed. He's a huge help when he stays focused. I guess he gets his attention span from me and my dad. He decided when we were finished that we should move his bed into Cloudy's room, because he thinks he would like to sleep next to Cloudy. I'm trying to convince him that maybe he should wait and meet Cloudy first, and see how much he cries.

more pictures from the weekend
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Sunday, June 14, 2009


Friday night was opening ceremonies for the College World Series - SOME GREAT TEAMS ARE HERE THIS YEAR! We went to see the fireworks - and what started as a trip downtown to sit outside the stadium, ended up with us in the stadium for the 30 minute firework show, and 45 minutes of us trying to nudge our way through the parking lot (that was a mud pit) and packed with kid drivers.

Yesterday - we attempted a lake run - but when we got to the storage where the boat is realized SOMEONE had taken the hitch off and it was sittin in the garage back at the house. By the time we got home, no one was really in the mood to make the trip a 2nd time with hitch.

Today however, the weather was nicer than expected and we ran out to the lake for a few hours. The odds where in our favor, between it being Sunday afternoon, CWS, and cooler temps that lake wasn't busy and we all got a ski run in. EVEN BEN!! He did SO WELL that he was awarded ice cream that he dribbled down dads head.
Then we came home for some great smoked brisket ~ a few more tries and Pete's going to have this smoker thing mastered.

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Back home from Texas

Last Sunday we flew into Midland and visited Ben's Uncle Jon. 6 yrs in Midland and this was our FIRST visit -- (and last to fly in to MAF-- turbulence is crap over Midland!).
We had a great time - Nanamom and Pa came out to visit - and so did Matt and Jenn. It was great to see everyone. Jon fixed some wonderful food... and we took Ben on his first Putt-Putt experience. He's a natural golfer..
We had some decent Mexican food too... Although I'm a little disappointed - my idea of Tex-Mex must be really twisted after 10+yrs.. b/c nothing lived up to the idea.

On Wed. we drove down south to visit with my grandma and had a crazy evening and Thursday to boot. BUSY BUSY BUSY! But it was nice to see everyone - even Popo - who really needs some Ritalin. Ben enjoyed playing with C-A-T (the dog). We'll have to go back when Memaw has a time to breathe.
On Friday it was 6hrs driving back to Midland in the morning - and 4 hrs flying home in the evening... Which made for a really long day.. but we are glad to be home.. even if it has rained every day we've been back.

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Multimedia message

Multimedia message