Sunday, May 3, 2009

Zoo take 2

What a great weekend! Friday - Zoo, Saturday - lots of yard work and a 13mi bike ride that resulted in dessert b/f supper, Today - more yard work, zoo, fishing and a picnic, and more yard work. Maybe after Ben wakes from a nap will squeeze in another bike ride.

Ben thought we NEEDED to take his dad to the zoo today and have him ride the Skyfari - who are we to argue with logic like that? Another trip to the zoo? OK!

Peacocks were out in full force - I think there's a bazillion there. Maybe if the zoo sold them off for a buck each there would be enough money to pay back the national debt. But who really wants a screaming Peacock??

Ben wasn't too excited about actually touching the animals (again logical kid), but since Pete did it must be sorta ok.. (boy does he need to rethink that one!)

Skyfari - take 2

it was a quick zoo trip today - we skipped all the things we hit on Friday - but Ben really wanted to do the Butterfly Pavilion again. And look at that HUGE butterfly we saw.. the little one is a blue guy and about 3.5 inches..

Then on to Halleck park for some fishing and a picnic

(they didn't catch anything - but it was still fun)

Sorry we didn't see Aunt Tammy there.. we looked for her though.. they had all the monkeys off exhibit :D


Laura said...

you should hang that peacock image as a print in your house -- rachael has an 8x10 just like that in her bathroom and it looks fabu!
what a fun weekend -- your zoo ROCKS!

Tammy said...

love that last picture - so cute :)

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