Thursday, May 7, 2009

picnic @ the park

It is so nice this Spring! Today - since "work" is slow - I had the day off and made a date with Ben. At lunch I rode the Ben/Dad bike up to pre-school to pick him up. All the kids were outside playing and had a MILLION questions about the bike. When we were leaving they were lined up across the fence watching Ben and yelling 'bye' to him. I think he gained instart rock star status today.

We stopped by our fav park and had a picnic lunch.. and saw something unusual - a boat on the water! I think they were taking water samples to test for blue-green algae.

Ben's foot 'slipped' in the water and came out covered in moss... The boy loves worms.. but did NOT want to touch the moss..


Tammy said...

I can see all those kids just oogling the bike :) too funny...that sure is a cute kid in that cute shirt :)miss you Ben and Aunt Baby and Uncle Pete!!

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