Saturday, May 23, 2009

packed weekend...

Tom came to visit us for the weekend... On Friday we went to the zoo - Ben HAD to take Pawpaw on the Skyfari! We were bummed when we sat around waiting for them to feed the bears and when the guy finally called the 'feeding team' he found out they were starting tomorrow. Always tomorrow!
And last night we rode bikes up to the park and enjoyed some fountain time at the ponds.
The weather was perfect.
Today - we got up at the crack of dawn to help Justin with his Eagle Scout project. Planting 500 TREES! We helped with the first 150.. and then had to leave.. but we probably planted 1/2 of the 150 that were planted.. :D
And this afternoon we went to see Wicked at the Orpheum; Ben was lucky enough to hang out with Shayla and go to a Sr Grad party...

Tomorrow - maybe the lake -- maybe sleep in -- I think we're going to be exhausted!
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