Friday, May 1, 2009

First trip to the zoo in 2009 - and the new Skyfari!

Today Ben and I took a trip to the zoo.
We hit all the usuals - aquarium, desert dome (ben LOVES the alligators - hates the bats), and the Butterfly Pavilion. Afterwards, we waited for them to open the new Skyfari ride, which is TOTALLY worth it!

Jellies at the aquarium. The sea turtles were begging for me to take their picture, unfortunately I was having battery problems. They sure are cool when they swim around~

Ben ~ I was hanging on to him especially tight and he told me I could let go - there was nothing to be scared of! Such a brave kid ~

The skyfari starts next to the Giraffe complex

Then goes over them!

and this guy! If you drop a shoe - it's his new chew toy

Nearing the end - You JUMP off after going over the rhinos.. Better be quick - the ride doesn't stop!

One happy kid (with his baked cheetos)


Tammy said...

we'll be there tomorrow!!!!! I love that zoo and am needing to go back! :) cute pic of my newphew...keep em coming :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like Ben is having an excellent time.

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