Saturday, May 30, 2009

Busy Busy and WATERSKI

So PawPaw left on Wednesday, and Thursday I somehow managed a whirl-wind house clean, yard mow, and packing for camping. We camped on Thursday night and Friday night. Thursday when Pete made it out after work we went waterskiing. Ben said the lineup was "Mom first, Ben second, and Dad next"... Dad went first - I went second.. and when Pete started to go for a turn on the kneeboard Ben was adament about stopping him and telling him.. "NO ITS MY TURN!" (no prompting from us - and we were shocked because he was serious).. He took a turn skiing and did FABULOUS - and the 3 yr olds on the lake were totally jealous (and their parents too).

On Friday - Trista and Shayla Stevens came out to waste the day with us lake style while Pete was at work. Shayla tried to ski - but was just too tall for it - so Ben had to show her how it was done.. THIS TIME - there was a camera in the boat!!
The full video was over 5 MINUTES... I just gave you the first 40seconds or so!

Enjoy! Now to unpacking - laundry - and packing to go to Texas TOMORROW!!!!!!!!

link to video

Saturday, May 23, 2009

packed weekend...

Tom came to visit us for the weekend... On Friday we went to the zoo - Ben HAD to take Pawpaw on the Skyfari! We were bummed when we sat around waiting for them to feed the bears and when the guy finally called the 'feeding team' he found out they were starting tomorrow. Always tomorrow!
And last night we rode bikes up to the park and enjoyed some fountain time at the ponds.
The weather was perfect.
Today - we got up at the crack of dawn to help Justin with his Eagle Scout project. Planting 500 TREES! We helped with the first 150.. and then had to leave.. but we probably planted 1/2 of the 150 that were planted.. :D
And this afternoon we went to see Wicked at the Orpheum; Ben was lucky enough to hang out with Shayla and go to a Sr Grad party...

Tomorrow - maybe the lake -- maybe sleep in -- I think we're going to be exhausted!
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Monday, May 18, 2009

Another Bike -- REALLY??

Ok, it's not exactly his. But he wants to get one just like it "when he gets older" so he can "be like Dad"

This isn't really his either - it washes off.
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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Papillion 1/2 Marathon & 10k

Ben's hair has finally grown enough since March for another trim... Today after the race, we stopped in and had his bangs trimmed up

Pete running his first 1/2 Marathon

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Atlantis Launch

Last night I watched the shuttle launch with Ben. His new fascination is shuttles and all things space. He's still trying to grasp that, fortunately, we live on Earth.

After the Launch, NASA replays from different angles, and Ben thought each one was a new shuttle going up. After the disappointing loss of camera feed on the liquid tank, I turned it off, and BEN CRIED. He wanted to watch the astronauts! He wanted to watch another shuttle! So my duty is done - I know how an ally to encourage a trip to Florida for a space launch b/f NASA discontinues the shuttle. YAY ME!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Ben & Bailey

Saturday, May 9, 2009


A typical Saturday in the spring when it's too blah to lake..

Rode bikes while Dad ran 8 miles..

went fishing....

and had fun in the backyard with bubbles...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

picnic @ the park

It is so nice this Spring! Today - since "work" is slow - I had the day off and made a date with Ben. At lunch I rode the Ben/Dad bike up to pre-school to pick him up. All the kids were outside playing and had a MILLION questions about the bike. When we were leaving they were lined up across the fence watching Ben and yelling 'bye' to him. I think he gained instart rock star status today.

We stopped by our fav park and had a picnic lunch.. and saw something unusual - a boat on the water! I think they were taking water samples to test for blue-green algae.

Ben's foot 'slipped' in the water and came out covered in moss... The boy loves worms.. but did NOT want to touch the moss..

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Zoo take 2

What a great weekend! Friday - Zoo, Saturday - lots of yard work and a 13mi bike ride that resulted in dessert b/f supper, Today - more yard work, zoo, fishing and a picnic, and more yard work. Maybe after Ben wakes from a nap will squeeze in another bike ride.

Ben thought we NEEDED to take his dad to the zoo today and have him ride the Skyfari - who are we to argue with logic like that? Another trip to the zoo? OK!

Peacocks were out in full force - I think there's a bazillion there. Maybe if the zoo sold them off for a buck each there would be enough money to pay back the national debt. But who really wants a screaming Peacock??

Ben wasn't too excited about actually touching the animals (again logical kid), but since Pete did it must be sorta ok.. (boy does he need to rethink that one!)

Skyfari - take 2

it was a quick zoo trip today - we skipped all the things we hit on Friday - but Ben really wanted to do the Butterfly Pavilion again. And look at that HUGE butterfly we saw.. the little one is a blue guy and about 3.5 inches..

Then on to Halleck park for some fishing and a picnic

(they didn't catch anything - but it was still fun)

Sorry we didn't see Aunt Tammy there.. we looked for her though.. they had all the monkeys off exhibit :D

Friday, May 1, 2009

First trip to the zoo in 2009 - and the new Skyfari!

Today Ben and I took a trip to the zoo.
We hit all the usuals - aquarium, desert dome (ben LOVES the alligators - hates the bats), and the Butterfly Pavilion. Afterwards, we waited for them to open the new Skyfari ride, which is TOTALLY worth it!

Jellies at the aquarium. The sea turtles were begging for me to take their picture, unfortunately I was having battery problems. They sure are cool when they swim around~

Ben ~ I was hanging on to him especially tight and he told me I could let go - there was nothing to be scared of! Such a brave kid ~

The skyfari starts next to the Giraffe complex

Then goes over them!

and this guy! If you drop a shoe - it's his new chew toy

Nearing the end - You JUMP off after going over the rhinos.. Better be quick - the ride doesn't stop!

One happy kid (with his baked cheetos)