Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thanks Uncle Jon

I finally checked mail.. and inside was a package for Ben.
Uncle Jon went to South Padre for Spring Break - work not play - but honestly how hard can it be to watch a bunch of Spring Breakers when you're at South Padre?

Thanks Uncle Jon
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Sunday, March 29, 2009

work gloves

This afternoon, after a day watching Pete run circles around the lake (NINE miles), we decided to go check up on the boat. We knew we needed to replace the trailer jack when we parked it last year, so we went out prepared for work. Pete with his floor jack and Ben with his work gloves (just to prove to PA they do fit). He was stoked to have them and 'help' with the maintenance, but mainly he dug for big rocks.

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ear warmers.. or something like it

Yesterday Ben and I went for a walk and it was a little chilly and a lot windy. Ben thinks the earmuffs I run in are cool and insisted on wearing them instead of a hat. 1/2 through our walk he asks me to "fix his ear muscles".

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Baby names

Today while jogging around the lake.. Ben was in the stroller and asked me what my baby's name was. Since we don't know the make and model of this one, we haven't picked names (obvious reasons). I asked Ben what he wanted to name the baby.. and he said "Cloudy, Cloudy Carter".

Saturday, March 14, 2009

What about Leia and the wookie?

This morning Ben drug us kicking and screaming to the zoo. We had a good time, but there's a reason I like to go during the week - the place was PACKED. Usually, we take our time through the aquarium but today - it was pushing and waiting and when we saw a hole we darted. By the time we hit the Gorilla Complex - Ben was no longer interested in the animal and chanting he wanted his sandwich. We had to wait until we exited the exhibit b/f we could feed him and so we zoomed through another exhibit so the boy could eat.

This afternoon I wish I would have had a video rolling so everyone could see the excitement between the two boys. I'm not sure which was more excited -- Ben watching Star Wars and seeing R2D2, or Pete excited to pass on his knowledge of the ships names, i.e. "It's not a rocket Ben, it's an x-wing fighter." It was quite entertaining.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

week in review...

Sometime last weekend Ben decided that sleeping on the floor in his sleeping bag would be a 'good idea'. Except now we can't get him in his bed, but we have progressed to sleeping in the sleeping bag on the trundle - baby steps.
Ben and Pete both got new shoes. Ben loved his in the store. We got home and he noticed this little green 'tag' on the back and wanted us to cut it off. When we wouldn't he declared he didn't like the shoes and wouldn't wear them anymore. It took the neighbor telling him they were cool shoes before he once again decided they were the 'best new shoes ever'. Then he tells me: "I've got faster shoes than you, and mine and dads are cool and yours aren't. "
Wednesday - after running in the afternoon, I threw on a sweatshirt over my top and wore my shorts to go pick him up from school. Fine no problem, right?! Well, until we get home and he later says: "why are you dressed like that, I don't like it." And the fashion criticism begins.
He's in a bad habit of not obeying. The other day Pete told him to do something like three times. And finally got down on his level and asked him. "Did you not hear me, or do you just not care?"
Ben's response: " I don't care" then tucked his butt and ran down the hall.
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