Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Tonight we were watching the 1995 Prann party in Venice... We had told Ben to look for Gammy, Aunt Laura, Papaw and Grandma.... He didnt recognize ANY of those people.. and most of them had close-ups... But the skinny guy darting past the field of view, with more hair than I've ever seen him with, and Ben yells "That's Uncle Joey!"
Pete and I were rolling... Unbelievable

Today on our way home from 'school'.. we were talking about Valentine and the party on Friday. He started telling me about the gifts that we handed out for Halloween and the Star Troopers we saw at the Zoo during the Spooktacular.. and I'm catching on that his memory is at times sharper than mine. And starting to worry that maybe I haven't been challenging him enough lately.


Laura said...

that cracks me up!

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