Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl weekend

We had unbelievable weather (for January)... I think we were close to 60 on Saturday.
In the afternoon we went out to the park/lake near the house, and enjoyed the 3 mile trail around.. While Pete ran around a 2nd time, Ben and I played at the park. I was shocked at how obnoxious some kids are, and more shocked that their parents don't notice, or care. Ben was very polite, and nice, of course.

Saturday evening we failed to rent a Netflix that was appropriate for Ben.. so we hit the dvd rack and came up with E.T. - which HE LOVED! I don't remember E.T. being that funny, but Ben was in stitches. He told me E.T. was a bad guy that became a good guy that got left and had to call somebody and then went home.

On Sunday -- The weather wasn't as nice.. but still -- we'll take 45 any day (in January). We headed out to Fontenelle Forest. They had a 'free winter day'.. and we went out and hiked one of the trails.. and enjoyed the great things they had to offer. Ben loved running on the boardwalk and having us read the signs to him.. every sign.. even the "donated by..." bench plaques...

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Tammy said...

60! wow - that's summertime :) miss yall

Fluffy Bunny Slippers said...

That looks like a lot of fun!

(And yeah, what is UP with some of these parents? UGH -- glad you have a good one! :) )

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