Friday, February 27, 2009


Ben was super good while he waited for me at the eye dr today, so we stopped by the store and picked him up a toy. He wanted an airplane.. and picked out a Sky Drop plane. When we got home I showed him videos of people skydiving and he's ALL about it now! He has all kinds of imaginary divers jumping out of his plane as he flies it around the room.

Earlier this week we had some nice weather.. and I took Ben for a bike ride down the path. At the 1 mile mark I made him turn around and head home. We got almost back to the house when he tell me: "I need new wheels because these aren't fast enough." Problem is, if he was much faster I would be in a jog the entire time (which is really what I'm looking for this summer - so I don't have to push a stroller... or even better.. Won't have to push a stroller with 2 kids after September.)
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Saturday, February 21, 2009


I figured it was about time Ben had another dance with the scissors... it was so bad... shears needed to be involved.
We just love his hair so much.. it hurts to cut it.. but we sucked it up and were brave parents today..
Figure it has a good month to grow out b/f he has to see family.. so maybe by then the jig-jags will have grown out..

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Monday, February 16, 2009


Friday 6 1/2 inches of snow fell. It's the most snow we've had this winter, which is a little disappointing. I figure if it's going to be cold it might as well SNOW so we can have fun. Saturday and Today we went sledding and Ben just loves it. Today I took a fall from the sled.. (my fault I was leaning).. and Ben told me next time it was my turn that he would go with me to show me how to do it without falling. He instructed me all the way down the hill.. and then where to walk going back up.

The boys at the little hill by the house
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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Tonight we were watching the 1995 Prann party in Venice... We had told Ben to look for Gammy, Aunt Laura, Papaw and Grandma.... He didnt recognize ANY of those people.. and most of them had close-ups... But the skinny guy darting past the field of view, with more hair than I've ever seen him with, and Ben yells "That's Uncle Joey!"
Pete and I were rolling... Unbelievable

Today on our way home from 'school'.. we were talking about Valentine and the party on Friday. He started telling me about the gifts that we handed out for Halloween and the Star Troopers we saw at the Zoo during the Spooktacular.. and I'm catching on that his memory is at times sharper than mine. And starting to worry that maybe I haven't been challenging him enough lately.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl weekend

We had unbelievable weather (for January)... I think we were close to 60 on Saturday.
In the afternoon we went out to the park/lake near the house, and enjoyed the 3 mile trail around.. While Pete ran around a 2nd time, Ben and I played at the park. I was shocked at how obnoxious some kids are, and more shocked that their parents don't notice, or care. Ben was very polite, and nice, of course.

Saturday evening we failed to rent a Netflix that was appropriate for Ben.. so we hit the dvd rack and came up with E.T. - which HE LOVED! I don't remember E.T. being that funny, but Ben was in stitches. He told me E.T. was a bad guy that became a good guy that got left and had to call somebody and then went home.

On Sunday -- The weather wasn't as nice.. but still -- we'll take 45 any day (in January). We headed out to Fontenelle Forest. They had a 'free winter day'.. and we went out and hiked one of the trails.. and enjoyed the great things they had to offer. Ben loved running on the boardwalk and having us read the signs to him.. every sign.. even the "donated by..." bench plaques...

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