Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ben, Bailey and Tally

When Ben was new, Tally was very maternal towards him the first few months. She laid next to him, followed where he went and constantly checked on him. Then she had knee surgery and didn't let Ben too close, we aren't sure exactly what happened we just know she changed a little. So Ben took up with Bailey. Bailey allowed him to sit on her, tug on her, and manipulate her in ways that just aren't nice, until recently. Bailey is becoming cantankerous, she faces the wall and barks that annoying beagle aroooo for no reason. She fights with Tally more and more, and she even snips at me on occassion. The other night we witnessed Ben chasing Bailey around the house, locking her in rooms, HYSTERICAL with laughter. At one point he was dragging her around the kitchen and I'm not sure exactly what Bailey did, a growl, a snip ?? - but Tally stood up and put her in her place right then and there. Ben quickly backed away as they went at it.. and the first thing Tally did when she thought Bailey had enough was find Ben and make sure he was ok. It was the first sign that Tally is starting to fall back into her maternal role.. I wonder if she knows we're having another one?


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