Saturday, November 22, 2008


Just returned from a week long visit in Florida. We enjoyed seeing Umpah and NanaJan. It's a tough time for them right now - trying to get everything ready for another move - and we stayed busy trying to help them out as much as we could. It was great to have time to hang out with them, and play Wii! Umpah is a master at Wii Bowling! and Jan's not to shabby. We made arrangments for a quick and enjoyable trip to Venice. It was so nice to see Grandma and Grandpa again, and made even better the next day when Uncle Joe and Aunt Susie came down for lunch (and a quick trip to the beach).

Now - unpacking, LOTS of laundry and getting ready for Jacob and clan tomorrow - Yeah!

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Fluffy Bunny Slippers said...

I tell ya Jenn, that is one happy kid you got there. :)

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