Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Monsters Inc

Two mornings this week I woke up with Ben in my bed. I asked him why he was sleeping in my bed, and he tells me - eyes wide, and serious look:

"When I was in my bed sleeping, my eyes were open and I saw a monster." (followed by the I-am-very serious-and-telling-the-truth head nod).

** I wonder - how can you sleep with your eyes open? It was the cutest look when he told me that story.

Pete has solved the problem (so far) by installing a night light. As Ben says - the light is so the monsters can SEE him. (should it not be the other way around - so you could see that there are no monsters?)


Tammy said...

cute stuff :)...still jealous that you got to go to War Eagle :( But hey - we get to go to the Annual Chicken Pie Festival this weekend! Yes - a festival to celebrate chicken pies.. only in SW Georgia!

Fluffy Bunny Slippers said...

Chicken pie? Sounds rather "fowl" to me.

*giggle* *snort* :D

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