Monday, October 13, 2008

Lt. Random

Saturday we were at the lake for what was very likely our last trip of the season. Pete was skiing and Ben looks at me and says - "When Dad is done skiing, it's my turn. I want to make a movie."
* Too bad I didn't have the video camera AGAIN (bad mom) and too bad the little turkey once on his ski wouldn't let me get back on the boat. Result - no ski run for Ben. But he did get up once this year behind the boat. And at age 3 that's pretty cool.

Sunday in the car he was in the backseat gabbing about something. Going on and on like he always does, while Pete and I were talking about something entirely different. From the back he pipes in "Dad I'm TALKING To YOU! Now Listen." So bossy yet so cute.

Monday I needed to send a package off to Ben's cousin and instead - he tells me... "We need to go get on an airplane, and bring Jacob back to our house." Oh he misses his cousin. I'm not sure if he misses him b/c Jacob is fun to play with -- or because Ben loves to torment him...


Tammy said...

LOL!! Probably a little of both. Jacob needs some Ben "lovin" :) Can't wait for turkey day!

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