Monday, October 27, 2008

Bowser Success

We took Ben to the Zoo Spooktacular yesterday. We missed the majority of the spookiness because 1-pete had to work and 2-the tile guys were STILL working on the tile sunday morning. This was the first test of how well the custome really resembled Bowser - or King Kuppa. To my amazement Ben got more "WOW"s and "Oh Cool" than I imagined. It was funny to hear the moms and dads say "it's a turtle", "no its a dinosaur" and the kids follow up with "no its BOWSER!"

The best was at Shadow Lake - we braved the cold wind for some more Halloween fun in the evening.. as a mom and her son passed by she said "look it's Bowser".. and the boy said "that's not Bowser - that's Ben!"

For the most part - I think Bowser is a huge success this year (so far). The only pattern was for the tail and basic hat..(they are the same as last year).. but everything else was sew-as-we-go..




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Tammy said...

"no, that's Ben" - that's too funny!

Fluffy Bunny Slippers said...

WOW, VERY cute! You did an AMAZING job with that costume!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Redhead Runner said...

I wish you were here to play Mario Kart with me.
-Unc Pete-

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