Monday, October 27, 2008

Bowser Success

We took Ben to the Zoo Spooktacular yesterday. We missed the majority of the spookiness because 1-pete had to work and 2-the tile guys were STILL working on the tile sunday morning. This was the first test of how well the custome really resembled Bowser - or King Kuppa. To my amazement Ben got more "WOW"s and "Oh Cool" than I imagined. It was funny to hear the moms and dads say "it's a turtle", "no its a dinosaur" and the kids follow up with "no its BOWSER!"

The best was at Shadow Lake - we braved the cold wind for some more Halloween fun in the evening.. as a mom and her son passed by she said "look it's Bowser".. and the boy said "that's not Bowser - that's Ben!"

For the most part - I think Bowser is a huge success this year (so far). The only pattern was for the tail and basic hat..(they are the same as last year).. but everything else was sew-as-we-go..




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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Who's Who on Halloween

Spiked Shell, Spiked Hair
Breathing fire through the air.
Bring all your candy here to me
Can you guess who I might be?





I hope wii have fun at the Zoo Spooktacular.. maybe I'll find a Peach.
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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Monsters Inc

Two mornings this week I woke up with Ben in my bed. I asked him why he was sleeping in my bed, and he tells me - eyes wide, and serious look:

"When I was in my bed sleeping, my eyes were open and I saw a monster." (followed by the I-am-very serious-and-telling-the-truth head nod).

** I wonder - how can you sleep with your eyes open? It was the cutest look when he told me that story.

Pete has solved the problem (so far) by installing a night light. As Ben says - the light is so the monsters can SEE him. (should it not be the other way around - so you could see that there are no monsters?)

Saturday, October 18, 2008


This weekend we made a quick trip down to visit Pawpaw and do a little sightseeing. First we were inducted into the War Eagle craft fair club (where we found some really great things for Ben)... and then we all hiked to the highest point in Arkansas on an absolutely beautiful Saturday.
Ben's Nanamom and Pa drove up from Texas and we were able to visit on Saturday! It was a really great weekend.

Maiden voyage of the "Starship"

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ben vs the cake

Proof Ben has been around his Unc Pete this summer: Today I handed him a slice of cake.. and before I could slice me one - I looked over - and he had shoved the entire piece down his pie hole... His cheeks were bulging!
Thanks Unc Pete... Thanks a million.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Quick Quip

At the grocery store - i reached in to grab some frozen veggies.. and Ben screams -- Zucchini Zucchini (when in all actuality he was pointing at asparagus.. but he was very excited about Zucchini and that's always good).
When I pulled out my bag of frozen green beans he yells (yes my son is VERY Loud) those are Jelly Beans...
aye aye aye...

Or click Here if it won't play

Or click here if it won't play

Monday, October 13, 2008

Lt. Random

Saturday we were at the lake for what was very likely our last trip of the season. Pete was skiing and Ben looks at me and says - "When Dad is done skiing, it's my turn. I want to make a movie."
* Too bad I didn't have the video camera AGAIN (bad mom) and too bad the little turkey once on his ski wouldn't let me get back on the boat. Result - no ski run for Ben. But he did get up once this year behind the boat. And at age 3 that's pretty cool.

Sunday in the car he was in the backseat gabbing about something. Going on and on like he always does, while Pete and I were talking about something entirely different. From the back he pipes in "Dad I'm TALKING To YOU! Now Listen." So bossy yet so cute.

Monday I needed to send a package off to Ben's cousin and instead - he tells me... "We need to go get on an airplane, and bring Jacob back to our house." Oh he misses his cousin. I'm not sure if he misses him b/c Jacob is fun to play with -- or because Ben loves to torment him...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

mini weenie

We saw a mini-weenie today ... it's called Little Link.
It's a modified mini cooper, and OH SOO Cool.

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