Monday, September 29, 2008

A day full of chalk

Today Ben wanted to color outside... first he "outlined" me (it turns out I look like a big blob) and then I outlined him..
Then he wanted me to color some pumpkins.. He asked for a green one -- and when I started to draw this one.. he said "Oh, I guess you're drawing an egg." Sheeesh - such a critic... But he was VERY excited when he wanted a WHITE Bat.. and the WHITE showed up -- it doesn't on most paper you know.. and WHITE is Ben's FAVORITE color (of the month).
Such a serious face for a little guy
and then the cheeser

Lately, everything to Ben happened "Yesterday"... He saw Aunt Laura, YESTERDAY; He skied YESTERDAY; He was a Dragon for Halloween YESTERDAY.
If only it were true, yesterday would've been ONE GREAT DAY!
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Tammy said...

yeah, it's a green egg... :)

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