Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Doctor Store

Yesterday I took Benjamin to his 3yr well-check. THREE years!
It just happened so fast, I can't hardly believe it, then he reminds me with things like today:

We went back to the Dr this afternoon, because yesterday they forgot to do a hemoglobin, lead test. While we are in the waiting room Ben says to me: "Mommy, is this the Dr store?" a few chuckles throughout the waiting room could be heard.
We go back and he was a brave boy. He sat all by himself and when his little finger was poked not a peep. He did try to tear up, but he quickly dropped his head, and with his free hand wiped the tears away before anyone could notice (of course I'm quicker than the average anyone and saw the whole thing). He sat very still and calm through the entire process, and the nurse raved over his patience.
Once in the car, he asked me another question:
Ben: "Mom can the Dr could fix my knee."
Mom: "I guess so, what's wrong with your knee?"
Ben: "It's broken"
Mom: "Where?"
Ben: Looks down at both knees, and responds "Hmm, I guess he fixed it already."


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