Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lazy Saturday

We wake up late this morning - to Ben screaming in our ears... "Get up it's morning time".. which isn't too bad... except he started barking orders: " You get up and go to work , and Dad will take me to school and then go to work"...
When we told him it was Saturday and he had to hang out with us all day-- HE WHINED, Like we're miserable people to hang out with. I guess all my fears of his school not being up to par can be silenced - he obviously likes it there.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

New Friends at Gammy's

This weekend we went to Gammy and Papaw's.

Got in a little bike riding....

Played a little "drop the ball" (otherwise known as catch -- but if you notice Ben's eyes are CLOSED).

And met a new 'friend'.... This kitty basically attacked us as we walked outside to play saturday.. her owners weren't home.. and she refused to leave on her own... This morning, I checked outside and was relieved to not find our friendly critter... but 2 seconds after coming inside... and making coffee in the kitchen I hear Ben hollar -- "Mom - the kitty's at the door"
She really is a sweet kitty! Sooo friendly and cute.

Ben also met Wyatt... the 3 1/2 yr old gr. grandson of Ms Peggy, across the street. Ben and Wyatt were instant buds and rode bikes up and down Ms Peggy's drive and kicked tires together... (literally, they would knock over their bikes and in unison start kicking the tires??? My only explanation - 3 yr old boys)
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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Not a box

Ben and I read several books today - one being Antoinette Portis' "Not a Box"

This book is a simple illustration and text - and encourages what the imagination can do. The bunny has a box - but proclaims it's not a box - it's a..... hot air balloon, mountain, rocket...
So after reading it Ben asks "mom what's this?" -- and I say "Not a box" and he says "No, it's a rectangle."


Monday, August 11, 2008

Bowser vs the Razorback

I have to admit - I'm a sucker for collegiate attire. Today I was wearing my Razorback shirt and Ben asks me...
"Mom is that Bowser?"
(for those wii-diots Bowser is a nintendo/wii character and Ben's favorite to play on MarioKart)

Ben @ Gammy's Pool

For his birthday - Ben got a super cool blue boat and we couldn't wait to get it in the water.

Our son is half fish - which is also equivalent to 1/4 Prann
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Thursday, August 7, 2008

And just when I thought I was back to the #1 spot

Today I went to pick Ben up from school. This is always a happy time for me, I get to "rescue" him from school and he's ALWAYS so happy to see me.
I walked in and grabbed his bag - I saw him in the restroom washing his hands with Ms Deb, and I hollered "HI BEN!" - and to my surprise I see his face go dark, a frown appear and tears welling up in his eyes. He says "No Mommy, Daddy is picking me up today"
hmmph - I think I've lost my position as #1.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Doctor Store

Yesterday I took Benjamin to his 3yr well-check. THREE years!
It just happened so fast, I can't hardly believe it, then he reminds me with things like today:

We went back to the Dr this afternoon, because yesterday they forgot to do a hemoglobin, lead test. While we are in the waiting room Ben says to me: "Mommy, is this the Dr store?" a few chuckles throughout the waiting room could be heard.
We go back and he was a brave boy. He sat all by himself and when his little finger was poked not a peep. He did try to tear up, but he quickly dropped his head, and with his free hand wiped the tears away before anyone could notice (of course I'm quicker than the average anyone and saw the whole thing). He sat very still and calm through the entire process, and the nurse raved over his patience.
Once in the car, he asked me another question:
Ben: "Mom can the Dr could fix my knee."
Mom: "I guess so, what's wrong with your knee?"
Ben: "It's broken"
Mom: "Where?"
Ben: Looks down at both knees, and responds "Hmm, I guess he fixed it already."

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Continued Birthday Celebration

This afternoon - we took a little trip to a park Jacob had told us about. And we must say - Well done Jacob - Great Park...

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Ben's 3rd Birthday

A last minute decision - and by last minute - I mean less than 12 hrs before hitting the road... The kids and I packed up and drove JAMES!! (jennifer lee-anna's "new" car) to Ft Smith to celebrate Ben's 3rd birthday with Daddy, Gammy and Paw Paw.

I had planned (and started) a shark cake for the occassion - maybe I'll finish it when we get home next week.. Instead we had the YUMMIEST cupcake turtle.. which we all decided should officially induct Pete into the Cupcake Cutie Club..

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