Wednesday, July 2, 2008

safari: here and there

It's been crazy here yall.... a total safari... little Jenn started her job last week and is working every evening during the week.. and the kids' Nanamom and Pa showed up on Monday. LOTS of FUN! @@ and LOTS of firecrackers!
Ben and Matt riding in the drive
Ben not so happy to share his JD trike
This afternoon - we planned a quick trip to the Wildlife Safari.. (a first trip for everyone)... It wasn't as great as one I've been to in TX.. but it was pretty cool... Here are a few pics that we took as we drove through the place... We saw lots of elk and buffalo... We were also able to see 2 of the gray wolves.. very pretty!

The baby elk was standing right near the road - and I knew it was something NanaJan would LOVE to see!
A white buffalo! He was all alone on one side of the road.. kinda like the black sheep I guess..


Fluffy Bunny Slippers said...

WOW on the white buffalo -- and I love the elk shot!

Tammy said...

great pics!! Ben on his trike is too cute :)

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