Friday, June 13, 2008

Carni's in town

This week has been crazy... with Matt and Jenn hanging out it seems like we never have enough time. We went to the lake Tuesday night and Ben SKIED!!!! BEHIND THE BOAT!!! We were so stoked! His ski always goes to the lake.. and I guess by seeing Matt and Jenn board he figured it was his turn.. so he ASKED to ski.. I think Pete and I actually cried a little, yeah ok.. we didn't.. but it really was sweet.
Today we went to the zoo.. and enjoyed a little College World Series fan experience... I forgot the series started today.. and the ball field is right across from the zoo. But it was cool... Not too crowded yet.. The zoo has a new butterfly exhibit that is amazing...

The carnival is in town this weekend too! So the kids have been heading down in the evenings, hanging out with friends... eating funnel cakes.. and riding the rides... Tonight we took Ben down.. and he even rode a few kid rides... and of course HAD to ride the ponies for $3... b/c he obviously didn't get enough horse riding last week in Texas... He had his choice of horses too.. and he picked the white one that (besides the size) looked like Fly Boy.

Tomorrow is back to the lake... and Sunday - Father's Day.. a few of us are volunteering to work the Duathlon.


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