Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Super Readers to the Rescue

Over the weekend we took a camping trip. Pete has been wicked busy at work on his "RSA Project". Working long hours and 2-3 nights a week having to log in for conf. calls, he was ready for a long weekend and a break from RSA. A few miles down the road Ben had asked to watch Super Why. During the show - there are "super letters" that you 'find' and they spell a "super word" at the end of the episode. The first super letters 'found' were - R S and A.... Pete rolled his eyes and said "Give me a break, the Super Readers are killing me"...

I had to laugh this afternoon at Ben. I had a koozie on my drink - (a UT Longhorn of course) and Ben says " T E X A S spells Bevo" and throws up the sign! SWEEEEEET!
My kids the coolest.


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