Sunday, May 18, 2008

My athletic supporters

Today my two guys cheered me one as I completed another 13.1 miles. Afterwards - the city had a great set up for kids to play.. And Ben took the bounce house by storm. Just jumping everywhere chasing the other kids. Next thing we know he's the only one in there.. AND .. the turkey took his pants off! The other kids didn't leave b/c of the lack of pants.. But I'm pretty sure the pants left b/c of the lack of kids and Ben needed attention.
After we put the pants back on - we made it clear the only thing he needed to take off to jump was his SHOES.
At least the volunteers had a good laugh.


Tammy said...

that's becuase the first 12 months of his life - he hardly wore ANY clothes :) (giggle) least that's what the pictures seem to say...that's one funny story though...

Fluffy Bunny Slippers said...

LOL!!!! Future nudist! *giggle* *snort*

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