Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Just like mom

This evening after our dinner, I figured a little yard maintenance was required during the lull in rain and before leaving town. I bargained with Pete to mow 1/2, and I got to go first, so obviously I picked the smaller 1/2 (if there is such a thing). While mowing with my handy dandy eco-friendly reel mower, Pete takes Ben to the back to get his 'mower'.. Ben refuses and says he wants one like moms! (i'm so proud right).. Anyway Ben runs inside and comes out with this toy and proceeds to mow the yard with me... How quickly they catch on.
Happy Wednesday! and Enjoy the last days of May!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

My athletic supporters

Today my two guys cheered me one as I completed another 13.1 miles. Afterwards - the city had a great set up for kids to play.. And Ben took the bounce house by storm. Just jumping everywhere chasing the other kids. Next thing we know he's the only one in there.. AND .. the turkey took his pants off! The other kids didn't leave b/c of the lack of pants.. But I'm pretty sure the pants left b/c of the lack of kids and Ben needed attention.
After we put the pants back on - we made it clear the only thing he needed to take off to jump was his SHOES.
At least the volunteers had a good laugh.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

What a weekend already

Friday Ben sweet talked me in to taking him to the zoo - and we had so much fun. We were there when the doors opened.. and the huge crowds obviously didn't know the short cut entry (through IMAX)... It was great b/c we made it to the aquarium b/f anyone else and had the entire place to ourselves... We hung out for a long time too... We sat in the Penguin bubble.. and it was like the penguins were swimming right at us... and then watching the sharks and sea turtles swim over the tunnel.. we were both just amazed... That place gets so packed sometimes you can't get enjoy it like we did on friday....
We had so much fun walking around the entire zoo -- and catching up with the baby sea lion we saw last year -- he's not a baby anymore -- more toddler size *grin*... OOh but there was a baby giraffe (again not really baby size though - those guys are wicked big)...

The only time I really got the camera out was the budgie exhibit.. The Budgie Encounter features over 400 eye-catching, colorful parakeets, cockatiels, doves and quails (says Omaha Zoo)....

And today - we headed out to the lake.. and Ben was the best kid ever - AGAIN. He made sure we packed his ski.. b/c he said he wanted to ski.. But once at the lake.. the water was a little too cold for him.. But he played "Spotter" and "Flag Holder" really well.
So when we got home, we went to the store and got him a little gift for playing nicely with us.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Super Readers to the Rescue

Over the weekend we took a camping trip. Pete has been wicked busy at work on his "RSA Project". Working long hours and 2-3 nights a week having to log in for conf. calls, he was ready for a long weekend and a break from RSA. A few miles down the road Ben had asked to watch Super Why. During the show - there are "super letters" that you 'find' and they spell a "super word" at the end of the episode. The first super letters 'found' were - R S and A.... Pete rolled his eyes and said "Give me a break, the Super Readers are killing me"...

I had to laugh this afternoon at Ben. I had a koozie on my drink - (a UT Longhorn of course) and Ben says " T E X A S spells Bevo" and throws up the sign! SWEEEEEET!
My kids the coolest.