Friday, April 18, 2008

Yay for the weekend

I really messed up this week. Tuesday I thought 'school' was taking the kids to the zoo. I convinced Ben that school was going to be super groovy b/c he was going to the zoo and would see all the animals. After getting him pumped up, we got to school Tuesday morning to realize I had looked at the calendar wrong. Zoo day is NEXT week. Whoops. He talked about wanting to go to the zoo for the next 3 days. I would've taken him - if we weren't crazy busy with plotting Pete's birthday and preparing for a weekend of camping.

Thursday night, we were cooking supper and out of nowhere Ben tells me: "Mom, I need a new daddy" He wouldn't explain why, but I figure its b/c dad got presents - and Ben didn't, and he was a little jealous.

Friday we were driving around town and our conversation was something like this:
Me: That's a tree.. what letter does tree start with?
Ben: Tree starts with T - YAY
Me: That's a stop sign... what letters are in Stop.
Ben: S. T. O. P.
Me: Very smart Ben...
Ben: w. r. i. o. n. spells crap.
Me: *hysterically laughing* i then tried to compose myself long enough for the "that's not nice talk"
That's my boy....

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


Fluffy Bunny Slippers said...

LOL Too funny!

Tammy said...

HAHAH@@@@ too funny Ben!

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