Wednesday, April 2, 2008

terrible twos keeping coming

Thank goodness for only FOUR more months of Terrible twos... he'll automatically grow out of it on his 3rd birthday - right? The Dr once told me that kids just got sick until they were two.. and sure enough when Ben turned 2 he was done *knock knock knock* being snotty and having frequent fevers. So I'm hoping for the same results at 3 - just to a more extreme - no more terribleness.
Yesterday Ben got in trouble 'several times' at school (he's only there for 3.5hrs - how often can one kid get in trouble for it to become 'several times'). He wasn't hitting, or biting, or being bad.. he was just "handsy".... Constantly touching and leaning on the other kids. Well, I thought - the teacher's just crazy my kids perfect..... then we got home.. and Ben was HANDSY! He leaned on me ALL afternoon... and constantly touched me.. And he probably does it every day - but I didn't bother to notice until yesterday, and let me tell you - I was ANNOYED... poor kid
This afternoon - we decided to take a leisurely bike ride down to the lake and look for a spot for a geocache. First Ben refused because he wanted to go run (which means he wanted me and dad to run and push his lazy butt in the stroller). Then he threw a fit because he didn't want to ride on the bike. He only calmed down when we told him we were going to go geocache - he was suddenly cool and ready to go, until I got on the bike with him. Another tantrum because he wanted his daddy to ride his (ben's) bike. Hmmph... So ready for two to be over!


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