Saturday, April 5, 2008

a few favorites

I've been slacking in the blog posting lately... I hope to find a new schedule where i can fit it all in soon.
Here are a few of Ben's recent favorites:
*American Idol -- he loves watching Americal Idol -- and when we occasionally watch other concerts (Austin City Limits) he'll tell us that we need to find another Americal Idol show if he doesn't like it.
*THE Bear puppet -- The one that he hated for so long - he has now fallen deeply in love with, sometimes to the point i think he might start liking it more than 8 of 10 'lambies'. That's pretty serious.
*Belts -- He's noticed that we wear belts - and he wants one too -- but he calls his a "seat belt"
*Hair -- he LOVES his hair. He tells us all the time that his hair is cool... (Poor kid - we don' thave the heart to tell him he only has 16 more years with it - if he is anything like his daddy)
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Joyce said...

Ben is a typical Leo with the hair. (A lion proud of his mane.) I don't know of a Leo who isn't obsessed with his or her hair. (Think Mimo) My grandmothers (2) and my aunt were Leos. They were always telling me to go comb my hair. Maybe they'll fix the baldness thing by the time he's a teenager. If not, another reason for therapy.

Fluffy Bunny Slippers said...

My God that is a huge TV......LOL

Too cute about the American Idol and Hair. I also love the seat belt!!!! LOL

Fluffy Bunny Slippers said...

Man, what's with all the spam on poor Ben's comments???

Tammy said...

seat belt!!! too funny!! does he vote after watching idol ?

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