Tuesday, March 11, 2008


It's one of those days - not quite winter - not quite spring.... but one heck of a day. It started out a bit cold and ended fantastic (for a wint-pring day).

Since the dinosaurs haven't gotten us yet, we decided....

To go outside and enjoy the nice temps. I put this together while ben....

decided to play in the mud... and then fussed that his shoes were dirty..

He played on his bike some too.

and if you can figure out what these strange markings are in my garage you are doing pretty good..

(They are Ben's wet feet prints as he is walking/riding his bike to its final resting grounds)

Since it was such a nice day - and it's been FOREVER since we've been able to play outside .. we took a 2 mile walk down the path.. and Ben walked most of it pulling his wagon.. (the rest of the time he rode in the wagon). I do have to make a quick mention of the sweet memories I had as I rode down the hill in the wagon with Ben. Childhood is great fun!

We hope everyone else had a great Tuesday.


Tammy said...

yay for wagon rides! sweet times :D cute footprints :)

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