Monday, March 3, 2008

Car shoes

Pete purchased Ben a new pair of shoes the other day. Ever since Ben started walking, Pete has been itching to buy a pair of the corny blinky light shoes. I just hate them, but I gave in and let Pete go for it. This will hopefully be the last time I give in to his crazy ideas. We finally found how to make Ben act like the 2 yr old he is..... how? Take these blinky shoes off. Oh lord! He cries, and screams, and just wants his "car shoes" back on (they actually have a Hot Wheel on the side). This afternoon I wanted to take a few pictures and the only way he would allow me was if I took pictures of his car shoes first. He's always been a huge fan of shoes, he is very decisive about which ones he should wear. And I have a feeling he will be wearing these until I'm able to sneak them away.

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Reese's Pieces said...

Well, it sure beats pickle puke, right? ;)

andsozyouroldman said...

I think the shoes are great Ben. Don't let your Mom steal them!

Tuba, or not tuba ... that is the question said...

I like Ben's blinky shoes. Jacob also has a pair. They light up with each step, of course, but they also have a button to make them light up on demand. It is quite fun to watch Jacob sit on the floor and contort himself trying to reach the button so he can make his shoes blink! :)

Tammy said...

very cool Ben.... your cousin Jacob would say "car!" if he saw them. I sure wish he could see them and you too!!! :(

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