Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Arkansas Weekend

We headed down to Arkansas this weekend and Ben had lots of play time with Gammy and Papaw.
We left our dogs at the kennel.. and Ben went with us to drop them off..when we got back in the car he couldn't understand why Bailey and Tally weren't coming with us. We got home and he asked if they were coming home, and without thinking it through I quickly popped off a "no"... and the tears started... Oh Lord, it was as if I just gave away his puppy. He cried and cried, as we tried to explain that they would be back in a few days... He finally calmed down and was ok with the girls staying with "friends".
When we left Gammy and Papaw's he started to cry again, he had such a fun time he didn't want to leave. It was the sweetest thing ever! In order to keep the tears to a minimum Gammy reminded Ben that we can now go pick up Bailey and Tally, and that's what he talked about the entire drive home. This morning sleepy head did NOT want to wake up, and was crazy grumpy. Gerry the giraffe came out to play and he loved on him and squeezed him and sniffled. When I asked him what was the matter, he told me he missed his gammy's. **heartbreaking**
This afternoon I picked him up from school and he reminded me it was time to go pick up our girls. He was ready for Bailey and Tally. We arrived at the Humane Society and the girls saw us and started yelping with glee.. and Ben was hollaring back at them. Problem was - they were still in the kennel/run and they were supposed to have had baths this morning. So he was REALLY mad at me when we left there with OUT the dogs... How cruel of a mom am I!? Seriously, he just wanted his puppies home.
We're going back at 4pm to pick them up - CLEAN - which is VERY important after a stay at the kennel.
I'll be sure to capture the huge smiles from one little boy as he plays with his favorite dogs this evening.
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Tammy said...

what a sweet pic of Ben and his Grammy :)

Karen & Dave said...

Awwww, poor little guy just wanted his puppies......

Poor mom! Heartbreaking all around! I bet all is well now though, right?


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