Saturday, January 19, 2008


Everyone knows Pete is very proud of his new truck - The Truck-a-saurus. While at the grocery store today, Pete parked the blazer next to a Ford 250 4door and Ben looks over at it and says, "Dad THAT's a BIG truck-a-saurus!".... Pete was soo disappointed (how dare another truck be bigger, or be called 'truckasaurus') and replied with "Ben, that's NOT any bigger than Dad's truck-a-saurus."
I laughed all the way in the store, Pete was soo heart broke that his son would say that another truck was bigger than his.
Maybe you had to be there - and see the look on his face. (It was almost as if Ben said he liked someone else's boat better.)

Ben tries to spell his name ...
It usually comes out as "B... E... N-O-P... BEN"
(at least he knows which letters comes after N in the alphabet)
When I try to correct him with "B..E..N" he follows up with "O..P..Q..."
I think I will start spelling his name "t..r..o..u..b..l..e"

He's also making word associations...
I call him Mr Ben when he's being cute - and he started to call me Mr Mommy.. which I'm not sure is that great - but tickled me the first couple of times -- he's since been taught it's Mrs Mommy.. which seems pretty wrong to teach a kid to call his mom Mrs Mommy; but we only do it in fun.
And earlier he was referring to himself as Baby Ben (thanks Misty) and after agreeing with something I said - looks at me and says "you're Baby Mommy"


Karen & Dave said...

:D That is so cute.

And I LOVE the part about the Truckasaurus -- LOL!!!!!

Tammy said...


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