Sunday, January 27, 2008

Thawing out

Today - we had great weather to be outdoors (for Nebraska in Jan). We took Ben to Kenefick Park. We've seen this place for a while now and have never bothered to stop. It's really quite amazing. We didn't realize they engines are on display and you can walk right up to them. The Big Boy - a steam locomotive - is Incredibly Huge! The wheels alone are like gigantic - seriously like 8 ft. Also there is a Union Pacific Centennial.
Ben loved the trains. Several times Ben and I would have to turn around to hurry Pete up (who was reading the signs). Ben was just amazed - his little big brown eyes were just lit up. He even cried when we had to leave.

There is no good website for this place, and I didn't take my camera, so the best I can do is a few photos from the web. Here's one taken from I-80 entering Nebraska from Iowa.

Pictures of the move are also pretty impressive.


Karen & Dave said...

WOW, the picture of moving those things is pretty impressive! What a job!!

Tammy said...

ok - that's just darn cool!!! i love stuff like that (pics are awsome)...looks like a fun day.

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