Sunday, January 20, 2008

On the Coldest day of the year...

It's SO cold here! We've been huddled under blankets in the house for 2 days, and decided this was crazy - we needed to get out. This morning after a killer breakfast to tie us over for a long time, we loaded up and went to our favorite winter state park, Mahoney. We spent 4 bucks and played in the HUGE hamster tunnels (if your not familiar see last years video) for almost 2 hours. They have an outdoor skating rink, but they didn't have skates small enough for Ben which was ok with Pete, b/c he's never been and was scared like a girl. After the tunnel fun - we ventured outside in the extreme cold (barely 10 degrees) and went SLEDDING for the first time this year.

It was just a little cold - I promise - but Ben stayed nice and warm..

OF COURSE - Pete had to go down the big hill solo.. It looked so fun I even took a turn
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Karen & Dave said...

That looks like SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!

Tammy said...

awww. FUN FUN FUN!!! Hank gets scared like a girl when he "tries" to skate too :D

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